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Marissa Mayer

Our illustrious executive editor is on holiday; this week’s Dylan’s Desk op-ed column is written by VentureBeat’s own Jolie O’Dell.

In the end, Google simply didn’t have room for Marissa Mayer.

Yesterday, the ambitious executive shocked the tech world by leaving Google to become Yahoo’s new CEO, a role she officially takes starting today.

As we published news of Mayer’s move, we were bombarded with criticisms of her decision. The Internet in general lambasted the executive’s choice, claiming that Yahoo was an inferior company and Mayer was making a fool’s bargain to choose Yahoo over Google.

But nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, as promising as Mayer’s career was just one year ago, we say she’d have made a fool’s bargain to stay at Google any longer than she did.

In considering Mayer’s career — and, indeed, her life — we are struck by the string of…

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